Saturday, July 14, 2012

Behold! Hamilton's first all vegan establishment: The Green Smoothie Bar

I stumbled upon this place during artcrawl, and I'm so excited that it opened in Hamilton!   I will definitely be back and do a taste-test post, but for now a brief intro.

Everything they serve is raw & vegan. They have a selection of superfoods as add-ins to make your smoothie nice and nutrient dense.

Here is a blurb from their facebook page:

"1. Our Mission is to contribute to a thriving community by serving organic fruits and vegetables in an easy way
2. We are 100% organic
3. We use only the most nutrient dense wholesome natural foods.
4. Our foods benefits are backed by science
5. We use compostable cups and packaging
6. We have a low carbon footprint
7. Our smoothies taste great
8. We use 100% spring water
9. We believe healthy eating is fun and rewarding
10. We believe smoothies are the easiest way to eat your fruit and veggies
11. We add no processed sugar
12. We believe prevention is the best medicine

We want everyone to get in their daily nutrients to live optimally and to eat at least 8 fruits and vegetables a day!"

Make sure to come to their grand opening this Tuesday (July 17th) from 5-9 to learn more about GSB and try some samples!

The Green Smoothie Bar
236 James St. North
(289) 396-2288

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